Orgone Pyramid (Small)

Orgone Pyramid (Small)


Size: Small
Type: Rainbow Mixed Crystals – 7 Chakras
Colour: Mixed
Base: 5.5cm x 5.5 cm – Weight: 80-100 grams
A mixture of Gold Flake and Copper Coil

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The Orgone Theory

Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst developed the 'ORGONE' Theory in the 1930s. After many experiments, he proposed that an etheric bio-energetic life force existed that animated our environment. His idea wasn’t unique - most traditional cultures held a common belief in an invisible life energy animated the material world - called Chi in Chinese, Prana in the Indian system, Mana by the Polynesians, and by many other names across the Planet.

In Reich's view, the key to physical and mental health was the balance of this orgone energy which he divided into two categories – 'Positive Orgone Energy' (POR) and anti-biological ‘Deadly Orgone Energy' (DOE). He saw positive orgone as organized, structured and coherent, while anti-biological deadly orgone energy was ‘stagnant’ and lead to decay and entropy – very similar to the idea of ‘blockages’ in Chinese medicine. Reich built various orgone devices such as the Orgone Accumulator Box (composed of alternating layers of wood and metal) which accumulated and infused a patient with a high concentration of orgone energy. Faster healing increased plant growth, and positive effects on cancer were noted.

Reich expanded his theory and proposed that bio-energy could affect planetary ecosystems including weather patterns, thus the Wilhelm Reich ‘Cloud Buster’ was born. It consisted of an array of metal pipes and tubing connected to water, the energetics of which he claimed could draw orgone energy to the ground producing rain. While Wilhelm Reich’s work was groundbreaking, his talk of ‘orgasmic’ life energy (the orgasm being the spark and root of life) and non-traditional experiments drew harsh persecution from authorities. Both the Nazis and Communists in Europe and the American Food and Drug Administration went as far as to mark anything written by Reich or containing the word ‘orgone’ fit for incineration. Wilhelm Reich died broke and destitute in 1957 while in prison for violating FDA regulations – a fate similar to many other visionaries like Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife.

Orgone vitality is the life power vitality, which encompasses all life structure when dynamic. Orgone pendants /Pyramids/arches/ (any superbly made orgonite so far as that is concerned) characteristically draws in Positive Etheric vitality then changes over the negative orgone into positive particles. Orgone is essentially the energy that permeates everything. (Chi, prana, etc.)

Orgonite Benefits:

✓Mitigates harmful EMF radiation
✓Transforms negative vitality into positive vitality
✓Benefits sleep and overall health
✓Enhances psychic and intuitive capacities
✓Chakra healing
✓Transmutes lower vibrations and converts to healing positive energy
✓Enhances mood noticeably
✓Enhances Meditation
✓Raises your consciousness
✓Helps clear energetic blockages


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