Flower of Life – Cushion Cover

Flower of Life – Cushion Cover


Product Details: SG local handmade cushion cover
Dimension (Cushion Cover): 45cm(w) by 45cm(h)
Colour: Black with Gold Flower of Life


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FLOWER OF LIFE SYMBOL is a geometric shape is recognized in many cultures around the world. It is developed by 13 separate spheres that interconnect through the design to create a unique pattern. Within the different shapes formed by the 13 spheres are represented many geometric and mathematical laws that are still used today. As a symbol the Flower of Life is considered to demonstrate the whole of the universe as well as its diverse components working together in harmony. The Flower of Life is revered for its ability to allow you to connect to your higher spiritual self as well as promote healing.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 450 × 450 × 20 mm


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