universal life force

Universal Life Force

Yin and yang are the two dynamics of the Universal Life Force, inseparable, interacting, and opposites. Neither is complete without the other. Each is a part of the other. Each depends for its existence on the other. A coin has two sides, yet without one side the idea of the other side is meaningless. The sky is only meaningful is there is an earth. Masculine is meaningless without the feminine. But there is really no boundary between the sides of a coin, or between the earth and sky, or between masculine and feminine. They are separate, yet intertwined. Each is defined, yet only in the terms of the other.

Yin & Yan

Yin energy is receptive, intuitive, reflective, passive, accepting, and provides the quiet strength of spirit. Yang is life energy – active, hot, dynamic, and spirited. It provides the strength of physical power. Together and balanced, they bring life to our minds, spirits, and bodies. When they are out of balance they become negative forces that rob us of life and spirit. Keeping them in balance in our lives means keeping them in balance in our environments so that together they form healthy energy that can move freely and not become either too Yin or Yang, and thus destructive.