Stone chips Pack – Rainbow Tourmaline

Stone chips Pack – Rainbow Tourmaline


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Stone chips Pack – Rainbow Tourmaline
Weight: 25 grams

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Tourmaline will build your inner strength and unite your heart, mind, and spirit in love and passion. It’s the stone that will bring you joy, satisfaction, commitment, and emotional stability. Tourmaline is an excellent stone to energize and balance your chakras. It’s also a must-have stone if you’re serious about cleansing your aura! The healing energies of Tourmaline will bring you hope and peace, and it will lift you out of your darkness and bring you towards the light.

It will attract inspiration and stimulate your energy centers. It will also work to diminish your fears by bringing you more wisdom and understanding.
This stone’s qualities are enhanced by its particular color. Tourmaline will bring you energies of compassion and tolerance, and you will be humming with happy and easygoing vibrations as long as you keep this stone close to you!

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