Selenite lamp Twin Mini + LED Base (Set)


Selenite lamp Twin Mini + LED Base (Set)

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Dimension of Selenite Lamp: 4.5cm(w) by 7cm(h)
Dimension of Led Base (with switch): 6(w) by 2cm(h)

*Note that the every piece of twin selenite lamp is unique in their shape & size.

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Selenite lamps are produced from a naturally clear or opaque form of gypsum crystal. Light passes through it easily, creating a warming glow. The selenite, in its natural form, has been hollowed out to create a unique lamp, and the tower effect is achieved by splitting and chipping along natural cleavage surface. Due to its powerful metaphysical properties and ability to charge itself, selenite is one of the most popular crystals used to cleanse and recharge other crystals. Re-charging and cleansing rid your crystals of any negative or unwanted energies that can build up over time.

Selenite help clear away any negative energy, and is also the stone for mental clarity. If you are feeling confused or down from the haste and stress of everyday life, this crystal lamp can help you find your sense of calm and peace within yourself. Selenite lamps are renowned for their cleansing and healing abilities, and can help to clear negative energy both from our chakras and the surrounding environment. Selenite also has calming properties which makes it ideal for meditation.


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