Mist DIY Cleansing Bottle with Rose Quartz

Mist DIY Cleansing Bottle with Rose Quartz


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Material: Spray Green Plastic Bottle
Stone: Rose Quartz Chips
Dimension: 13cm (H) by 5cm (W)

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Create your own DIY cleansing mist with crystals.

Recommended Healing crystals you can add to your mists:

Amethyst, Rose quartz, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Aventurine, Peridot, Black Obsidian, Onyx, Jasper etc.

Word of advise: Be careful about the type of crystals you use for crystal-infused water. Some gems are not safe to place in water. It is essential to research the various crystal properties before you craft your own crystal-infused water. Some crystals are toxic if used in this manner. For example, do not use Tiger’s Eye for your crystal-infused water, because it may contain asbestos. It’s safest to begin with a clear quartz crystal-infused water.

Make sure to choose gems that are safe for water use. Some can be toxic (here is a list of toxic crystals unsafe for water/sprays/consumption) or they may dissolve if too soft on the mohs scale. It is suggested that crystals with a mohs hardness level of 5 or less is too soft for water solutions. Search your gem here at gemdat.org for all the info.


Inspiration: minerals + gemstones
The feels: invigorating, clean, cooling, fresh, uplifting, cleansing, rejuvenating.
Uses: Uplift your mood, a mental or physical boost, an energy shift, relaxing the mind, a fresh skin glow.


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