Golden Druzy Quartz on Pebble Holder

Golden Druzy Quartz on Pebble Holder


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Product Details: Gold Druzy Quartz on handcrafted & gold foil display holder
Full Measurement: -(w) x -cm(h)
Measurement of druzy quartz: -(w) x -cm(h)

Inspiration: Radiate soothing energies & promote stress relief.

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Add a little life into your work space or home. This is small and can easily fit into corners, tabletops and desks. Engaging with crystals can have a relaxing, peaceful effect.

About the Artisan / IG: Ohnaturezen
Jan is an artist who believes in creating products with a personal touch.

She hopes to inspire the art of slowing down in this fast-paced world and the appreciation of nature in her creations and thus the birth of Oh Nature Zen (ONZ).

ONZ combine gems with nature inspired handpainted pots. By adding a carefully-selected crystal / houseplant, it livens up
and brings peace to your personal space in your home or workplace.

It is always the little things that bring joy & make your soul smiles.



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