Energy Exchange Healing Service

Energy Exchange Healing Service


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The Energy Exchange is one of the deepest and most complete energy techniques available. It can be aimed at specific issues or used as a general tune-up. It can be done virtually anywhere and requires no special equipment. It can be integrated with other techniques and becomes more effective as you learn more about physiology and the energy systems.

There are several ways to look at human beings. Many in the medical profession look at people as a collection of chemicals. Others see people as animated pieces of meat. In religious circles, people are viewed as a reflection of the divine, an agent of the dark side or a pawn for the sides of good and evil to war over. In the metaphysical community, the person is seen either as a physical being permeated and surrounded by an energy field or an energy being who has coalesced into a physical being.

The Energy Exchange is a technique for energy healing that works from the inside out. We start at the core of the client’s energy system and work our way out. We clean and rebuild their energy. You can look at it like changing the water in an aquarium. In the end, our clients are lighter, brighter, more beautiful and stronger.

Empathic blending (Aura Reading) is the energy exchange that occurs, at times, between people.  It is due to a blending of the aura or energy fields of the two or more people involved. The energy field of a person is the emanation of subtle energy from the body.  It might be called an electrical field that radiates a slight glow around a person, and around all living things.  It has various layers and may extend from several inches to miles around a person, depending on one’s level of mental development.  It cannot be seen by most people, although some people can see it as a slight colored glow around people.  The healthier a person, the brighter their glow, as a general rule.

When one visualizes blending with another person, it causes a transfer of information from one person to the other.  This may seem strange, but it is true.  It is very similar to, or even identical to the phenomena in electricity and magnetism called induction.  In electricity, when two wires are close together, as in a transformer, the current from one wire can cause or induce a flow of current in the other wire.  This is how a transformer works.

Another related concept to help explain empathic blending is resonance.  This is when two frequencies of energy blend in such a way that they affect each other a lot. Another related concept is entrainment.  This is when two frequencies of energy blend in a way that one strongly impacts the other.  These concepts may help one understand empathic blending. Another related concept is imprinting.  This is where one person leaves a trace or imprint on another person due to empathic blending.

As the etheric bodies blend, there occurs a transfer of information.  For example, if a healer who is stronger blends with a client who has a virus, the healer sends a healing vibration or energy that may weaken or even kill the virus.  This can help reduce or completely remove the virus. The effect may not last.  However, at times, it does last because enough change takes place in the receiver that the virus cannot once again gain a foothold after the blending contact has occurred.  Many healers actually do this consciously or unconsciously.  They make good doctors and nurses, for example, because everyone who comes in contact with them begins to feel better automatically, as it were.


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