Crystal Point Pendant- Black Tektite

Crystal Point Pendant- Black Tektite


Pendant: 0.8cm by 4cm(h)

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A tektite is formed when a meteor strikes the Earth and melts with the elements at the location. Each location’s tektite is unique due to the minerals and plant matter that was in the Earth at the time of the impact. Most Tektites are black or dark brown in appearance, but there are green (Moldative) and golden (Libyan) varieties as well. Rough Tektite is distinctive in appearance as it is mottled and contains internal bubbles. Tektite is an incredibly high vibrational and uplifting crystal. It has a dramatic effect on our aura, vibration and state-of-mind when we hold it. It enables extremely expansive and open meditation during which we can download Higher Wisdom.


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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 mm


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