7 Chakra Healing Crystals

7 Chakra Healing Crystals


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The Chakras are spinning 'wheels' of energy vortex located in the body from the Crown to the Base. These are the 7 main Chakras. Chakras help to maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Associated healing crystals and colors are often used in Chakras healing. These Chakra Crystals healing set were specially selected and custom made from 7 large pieces of original pure minerals from the mine and each piece of crystal are guaranteed from a single source which is assured to provide consistent and pure energetic fields which can be used to balance and heal our chakras. Use these amazing healing crystals to place them at your respective chakra points to balance or charge up yourself just before you sleep or when you wake up early in the morning. You may also use them with your choice of essential oils or 7 chakras oils for more enhanced benefits. Otherwise, you can place them around you or keep them near you to resonate with the energies within.

1) Root Chakra #1: Black Onyx

2) Sacral Chakra #2: Carnelian

3) Solar Plexus Chakra #3: Citrine

4) Heart Chakra #4: Rose Quartz

5) Throat Chakra #5: Blue Angelite

6) 3rd Eye Chakra #6: Amethyst

7) Crown Chakra #7: Clear White Quartz

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