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Face Massage Roller – Rose Quartz

$58.00 $38.00

  • Reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles
  • Tone facial muscles
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Improve elasticity of skin
  • Calm irritated, sensitive skin









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Mighty Seven

Mighty Seven

7 OF THE MOST POWERFUL HEALING CRYSTALS FOR COLLECTION Crystals are known for their super powers but with the wide variety of crystals, it can be hard to know where to start. These 7 crystals are some of my all time favorites. They cover the top areas of life – areas...

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12 Zodiacs Crystals

12 Zodiacs Crystals

What is the best stones base on their Chinese Animal Zodiac or Chinese Horoscope? We will share with you the best stone for each Chinese Animal Zodiac, for the Chinese Horoscope there are usually more than one stone, this is because this is base on Feng...

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Auspicious Day to start work this 2017

Auspicious Day to start work this 2017

Grand opening is a very important event for business owners. It requires the owners not only choose the right location but also a proper time. It’s believed that by choosing an auspicious date for grand opening, it could attract business and prosperity....

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