Crystals for 2016

Crystals for 2016

Traditionally crystals were not even part of the practice of feng shui apart from it belonging to the Earth element but its effectiveness on the human psyche and well-being have long been well documented. Below are 5 type of crystals that may improve your career and work life luck if you would like to try. You may ask yourself, “How does a rock have any power to do anything good for me?” The truth is, every natural substance radiates with energy and vibrates on a specific frequency. When you have the right ‘rock’– also known as crystals, minerals or gemstones– it can actually attract or repel things. Choosing the right crystal that’s conducive to your needs, and you will find that it can be quite beneficial.


In folklore, a citrine has been known as the “merchant’s stone”. This is because it’s associated with attracting abundance. Put it in or near a cash register, in your cash box, in with your check book or just keep it on you when you’re conducting business. Citrines help promote your ability to focus and stimulate the intellect. If you work in a creative job, citrine can also get the creative juices flowing. These stones are pretty all-purpose for just about any business, but are particularly great for writers, artists, merchants and anyone dealing with contracts. Choosing the right crystal that’s conducive to your needs, and you will find that it can be quite beneficial.


Some businesses require good intuition– when you have to be able to read people, solve puzzles or problems, perhaps when you have to take calculated business risks, a moonstone is a good stone to have on hand.Moonstones are known for improving your intuition, and they’re also hailed for bringing good fortune. If you travel a lot for business, moonstones are also ideal stones for protecting you in travel. If you work with stocks, science or doing any kinds of investigations, this is the ideal stone for you. You can also carry it around when you’re not working, as its energies will bring you peace and tranquility.

Rose Quartz

Do you need a dose of confidence? Does your self-esteem suffer, and therefore interfere with your ability to shine in your job? Does your stomach just turn when you have to make a presentation at meetings or pitch to clients? If so, then a rose quartz is a good stone for you to get and hang onto. Rose quartz will have you loving yourself and feeling better about yourself, making you feel more confident and capable. A rose quartz is great for people in the service industry or in care-giving positions, such as those who work in the health care or child care industry.


Does your job rely on your ability to communicate? Do you have to make speeches, charm people or argue your point? The best stone that you can keep on you is a turquoise. A turquoise helps improve your ability to verbally communicate, making you more eloquent and compelling. It’s important that you don’t just carry this stone, or set it on a desk. If you’re going to use turquoise properly, it needs to be at your throat. Ideally, get a turquoise necklace that keeps the stone right over your voice box. Another option if you wear a tie or a scarf is to slip a small, flat turquoise stone into the knot. Wearing a turquoise is a great idea if you’re an actor, a lawyer, judge, educator or public speaker of any kind. Salesmen can also benefit from turquoise.

Tiger Eye

The eye of the tiger is always an asset in business. It stimulates the part of your brain that expands your awareness and ability to assess and understand your situation. It keeps you grounded so you don’t lose sight of your goals, and promotes balance. Best of all, tiger’s eye are great for bringing and hanging on to money. Tiger’s eye is a great all around business stone for any working person, no matter what your profession. – shared from Psychics Universe.