Balancing Your Seven Chakras

Balancing Your Seven Chakras

How To Balance Your Chakras Using Crystals

  1. Create a sacred space for yourself ensuring that you won’t be disturbed for at least around 30 minutes. Play some soothing and relaxing music with nature sound to create a balance and comfortable ambiance, light some healing candles, burn some incense or diffuse some essential oils, find a nice and comfortable spot to lie down with your spine straighten and flat on the ground.
  2. Lay your 7-chakra stones out by your side: 1 for each of the 7 main chakras in their color coordinated order (refer to the 7-charka chart). Also include a grounding stone: And have a glass of water nearby for later as well.
  3. Lie down & place your grounding stone between your feet, just six inches below your feet; this is considered our Earth Star Chakra. This is going to be the 1st crystal you place & the last crystal you should eventually take off.
  4. Then continue placing the rest of your stones, placing the corresponding stone directly over each of your 7 chakras.
  5. Chakra Balancing can be as short as 15 minutes or you can go half an hour or more, whatever feels comfortable. The main objective here is to activate the chakras with the crystals.
  6. Beginning with the root chakra & progressively moving upwards, visualizing each chakra point, 1 at a time; each of the colored chakra spinning, a soothing and healthy balanced spin while focusing on what the chakra represents & corresponds to.
  7. We wouldn’t want to see dark patches or heavy black shadows or a chord coming from the chakra. If that happened, that means there might be some attachments, debris or junk energies needing to be cleared out. That’s a sign that chakra needs more focused attention & remedies.
  8. Your mental focus at this point should be on the positive attributes of that chakra. Focus on dissolving any physical problems or any emotional blockages, seeing them visually dissolving away. If you’re not very visual, then feel the problems & blockages dissolving. Sense what it would feel like to be free of those attachments! Imagine what it would be like to be so happy that all those issues are gone.
  9. Once you’ve completed clearing all 7 main chakras you can begin to end the session with grounding. This is a very important step. PLEASE don’t skip it!
  10. The purpose of grounding is to make sure you feel stable & centered; well-connected back to Mother Earth. At the end of any chakra healing session, leave that earth star chakra stone (just below your feet) in place for no less than 5 minutes…or maybe even 10 minutes if you’re feeling really kind of floaty-flighty. Also do some relaxing grounding breaths with slow deep breathing.
  11. Now, go ahead & drink a glass of warm water (prepared them before hand before start of the healing session) while you’re still seated to further help ground yourself. If after 10 or 15 minutes you still feel floaty, pick up the grounding stone & carry it with you until your energy levels start to normalize.
  12. The energy really gets moved around when we’re doing such energy works; removing stagnant energy or blockages, energy is moving all over the place, hence it’s the sort of thing to be expected when we do these sessions. It’s all a part of recalibrating your energy body, getting back to balance.

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